Our sneakers are made in three different artisanal workshops : one in Arequipa in Southern Peru and two in Lima. Each workshop counts from 8 to 12 artisans. Each are family workshops where most of the workers are related.
At the Arequipa workshop the artisans are paid between 1000 and 1500 Nuevo Soles per month, and those in the two Lima workshops are paid between 1400 and 2000 NS. The difference is proportional to the difference in the cost of living in the two cities. The minimum wage in Peru is 750 (NS). Each of our artisans work a 44 hour a week - legal working hours in Peru – with two days off a week.


Here is a presentation of the main steps in the fabrication of a pair of Perús. All the materials used - canvas, rubber and leather - are sourced in Peru.
  • Reinforcement of the canvas
A cotton-lining is fitted onto the canvas for better resistance and texture. 
  • Cutting of the pieces of canvas 
 Everything is handmade to have the most precise cutting in order to optimize the placement of the pattern on the sneakers.
  • The simili-leather patch  
The simili-leather patch makes our canvas line completely VEGAN.
A bronze stamp is heated in order to brand the Perús logo on each shoe.
  • Sewing of the canvas
 The three pieces of canvas - the two sides and the front - are sewn together with double stiches.
  • Sole assembling
This is the essential moment when the assembled pieces of canvas are set around a mold and then fixed to the sole that is made with of natural rubber. This step is key to the final form of the sneaker, both for its aesthetic and its comfort. The molds used are designed and shaped by machines and then finished by hand to fit your foot perfectly.
  •  Sewing of the sole 
The natural rubber sole is then sewn to the rest of the shoe for an optimal fixation.