Our Perus x Binette recycled fanny packs

Our upcycled Perus x Binette fanny packs

At Perus, we want to have a responsible approach to ecology and social responsibility. That's why we created our ethical fanny packs from dormant stock destined to be thrown away, commonly referred to as upcycling. This approach consists of recycling upwards, to give a second life to materials that are no longer useful to other brands, and allows us to drastically reduce our carbon impact and avoid overconsumption. We firmly believe that each of us can do our part to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. And it is in this spirit that we have created our ethical fanny packs, to offer you products that are practical, aesthetic and ecological at the same time. Our commitment does not stop there. We are also very proud to support underprivileged children in Cusco Peru by funding a school day for every item purchased through our partnership with the Los Chicos de Cusco association. We are convinced that every child has the right to receive a quality education, and we are proud to do our part to contribute to this cause. In fact, this donation represents more than 30% of our profits, which demonstrates our commitment to this cause.

Fanny packs that go with all styles

Our ethical fanny packs are designed from the outset taking into account environmental and human issues. We've teamed up with Binette, an optimistic brand of practical, pretty and responsible accessories for everyday adventures. We share a strong value, the one of the journey and the discovery that we wanted through this bag. Our ethical fanny packs can be worn on all occasions, summer and winter, for a casual and eco-responsible style.

Fanny packs produced in Tunisia

In addition, we are very attentive to the social impact of our company. This is why the Binettes are produced in Sahline, Tunisia, in a workshop with 30 years of expertise, specializing in the manufacture of clothing and accessories. We are very happy to be part of the "Fashion Revolution Tunisia" initiative, which works for sustainable fashion. We make sure that employees are paid fairly and that their working hours do not exceed the legal framework, because we believe that fashion can be stylish, trendy and ethical. We make every effort to offer original and sustainable ethical fanny packs , while respecting the environment and the people who make our products. We are convinced that responsible fashion is the future, and that each of us can do our part to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer world. If you're looking for information on our manufacturing process or simply for advice on how to match your responsible fanny pack with other clothes, we're here to help! So, ready to go on an adventure with the Perus x Binette fanny pack?