Organic cotton sweatshirts

Responsible GOTS-certified sweatshirts

At Perus, we pride ourselves on offering GOTS certified organic cotton sweaters that provide the best possible experience for our customers. We believe in the importance of protecting the environment and the workers involved in the manufacture of our products. By choosing organic cotton, we guarantee that our sweatshirts are free from harmful chemicals and that the entire manufacturing process is respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. In addition, organic cotton is super soft to the touch. As a responsible brand, we are also committed to supporting underprivileged children in Cusco, Peru by funding a school day for each item purchased through our partnership with the Los Chicos de Cusco association. We are proud to say that this donation represents more than 30% of our profits. We believe that every child has the right to receive a quality education, and we are proud to do our part to contribute to this cause. Our sweatshirts are responsible because they are designed from the outset to preserve the environment and people.

Embroidered stylish sweatshirts

Small hot embroideries proudly decorate our organic cotton sweaters ! Alpaca, logo, or even mountain, our organic cotton sweaters adapt to all styles! The small embroideries we use to decorate our organic cotton sweatshirts are designed to add a touch of personality and originality to each piece. We're sure you'll find an organic cotton sweatshirt that you’ll like in our collection, whatever your style. In addition, they are available in several colors to match different outfits: burgundy, green or even navy blue! It can be worn both in winter and in mid-season.

Sweatshirts produced locally in Portugal

We are proud to work with Carlos and his team at the Vilartex factory in Fafe, Portugal to produce our organic cotton sweaters . Their commitment to quality and attention to detail convinced us that they were the perfect partner to manufacture our products. Once the jersey is produced, another factory, Confenix, located a few steps from the Vilartex factory, assembles, labels and embroiders our organic cotton sweaters . By opting for a local and short circuit supply chain, we limit our carbon footprint and reinforce our commitment to sustainable and responsible production. You can be sure that every sweater you buy at Perus is something you can wear with pride for years to come. We are convinced that responsible fashion is the future of the fashion industry. At Perus, we are proud to actively participate in this evolution. We are passionate and work daily on the quality, comfort and durability of our clothes. We are proud to offer organic cotton sweatshirts, all made with the highest quality standards. We know that every sweater we sell is something you'll wear with pride and comfort for years to come.