Environmental commitment

At Perus, our commitment is not only social but also environmental . Today the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world and it is with the aim of fighting against this devastating model that we created Perus in 2014.

For 8 years already, we have been going to great lengths to try to counteract this inexpensive and disposable fashion that was common until then. We get up every morning with the desire to move things forward (on our scale) and we roll up our sleeves to implement initiatives in the direction of virtuous and environmentally friendly fashion .

It’s quite a challenge but also a great reason to live! Let’s take a look at the initiatives we have taken.

1) We avoid waste thanks to pre-ordering

At Perus, we launch all our products on pre-order in order to better predict demand and therefore better plan production, avoid overproduction and overconsumption of resources and products that could end up being wasted or thrown away.

Basically, rather than mass producing without knowing whether the product will be purchased or not, we adjust our production according to real demand and that makes much more sense!

Well, this model requires you to be a little patient before receiving your order, but you have to remember that each piece is durable and unique , made for you!

Pantalon été léger en lin beige sable -  - Perus

2) We produce locally

When we started, in 2014, we produced exclusively in Peru, where the idea of ​​creating Perus was born. Today, we only produce a third of our items in South America (in Peru and Bolivia), this corresponds to our historical products.

The remaining 2/3 are manufactured on European soil, in Portugal. In fact, in 2020 we took the decision to initiate a relocation process for:

  • Reduce our carbon emissions. By reducing the distance between our place of production and our place of sale, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Promoting European know-how

  • Improve the transparency of our production and facilitate supplier relations. We also went to visit our workshops in February, we tell you about our stay here .

3) We use eco-responsible materials

We are proud to use eco-responsible materials, with no impact on the planet, in particular.

GOTS certified organic cotton for our cotton products like our tshirts and sweatshirts .

REACH compliant leather for all our leather sneakers .

We also favor certified Leather Working Group (LWG) tanneries which regulate the origin and processing of leather in order to guarantee its safety for human health and the environment.

Quality Alpaca wool for all our cozy sweaters , which comes from extensive farms where the well-being of the animals is essential. Moreover, we wanted to go even further by offering Baby Alpaca wool, which is the softest and highest quality.Read our article on this subject .

Rice shell, an innovative and 100% recyclable material, as well as natural rubber and recycled rubber for our soles.

For example for our Nieve sneaker (rice shell) and for our Rio sneaker (natural + recycled rubber).

Finally, we have recently also integrated an upcycling approach into our production: we use fabrics from dormant stocks destined to be thrown away to create 100% upcycled fanny packs .

(We'll explaine everything here )