Responsible organic cotton socks

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Organic cotton socks

With us, we want you to be able to find stylish and eco-responsible organic cotton socks that meet your expectations. We use 80% organic cotton to make our socks, a breathable and resistant natural material that allows you to wear them in all seasons. In addition to being perfect in any season, our original socks feature alpaca patterns that make them irresistible. The soft touch will offer you great comfort for your foot.

Trendy stylish socks

Did you know that our organic cotton socks are made in Portugal? We chose this country for its know-how and quality of clothing production. With us, quality is essential and we want to guarantee superior quality products, while being respectful of the environment. We are committed to more responsible and sustainable fashion, which is why we are very proud that the European manufacture of our organic cotton socks also allows us to reduce their carbon footprint. We are committed to offering ethical and responsible products to our customers, without ever compromising their style.

Responsible socks

We know that appearance matters to you, but not at the expense of the environment. With us, we combine style and responsibility to offer you original and responsible caps. By buying our organic cotton socks , you are making a conscious and ethical choice for the environment and future generations. We believe that fashion should be both trendy and responsible. With us, we combine the two to offer you stylish and responsible organic cotton socks : you can therefore find beautiful, eco-responsible and quality socks with a strong social impact. We believe that fashion should be both trendy and responsible. By wearing our organic cotton socks , you can be proud to wear a product that has been made with care and contributes to a better world. Our commitment does not stop there. We are also very proud to support underprivileged children in Cusco Peru by funding a school day for every item purchased through our partnership with the Los Chicos de Cusco association. We are convinced that every child has the right to receive a quality education, and we are proud to do our part to contribute to this cause. In fact, this donation represents more than 30% of our profits, which demonstrates our commitment to this cause. It helps finance teachers' salaries, school supplies and textbooks as well as the purchase of uniforms. With approximately 200 school days in a school year, since our launch in December 2014, we have donated over €80,000 to Los Chicos de Cusco. That's a school year for more than 400 children! If you're looking for information on our manufacturing process or just advice on matching your socks to other clothes, we're here to help! So, ready to go on an adventure?