Corduroy: vintage movement of the year

Velours côtelé : mouvance vintage de l'année

It was already making a comeback last year, velvet is now adorned with tightly woven cables and is becoming essential. To exploit its full potential and make this resolutely retro material vibrate, here are a few ways to use it to wear it well, maintain it and obtain the desired effect: to be trendy.

Velvet, do you want some here - Good reasons to adopt it

Velvet is a strong material, both original, soft and comfortable... Just that! It brings that sporty-chic look that we love and is the elegant touch of our daily casual outfits.

What makes us love it even more: generally mixed accessories, to share or to offer without hesitation.

Make way for matches - Tips for wearing it (well)

Nothing could be simpler, velvet goes with everything. With impressive pieces or with a few accessories for more subtlety... there's no reason not to try it.

The most daring will dare the full velvet look: blazer, tailored trousers or 7/8 chiro... It is possible to combine top and bottom or opt for a strong piece that contrasts with the rest of an outfit. Retro look guaranteed!

The accessories will be perfect for wearing velvet and subtly daring this vintage touch. At Perus , our corduroy caps accompany us on a daily basis. Handmade by our craftsmen in Portugal, they are made of organic cotton for a comfortable and resistant jersey.

unisex corduroy cap

Make way for practicality - Maintain your velvet

Although it is delicate, velvet is not a tendentious material and rather easy to maintain…. good news !

The combination of lukewarm water and Marseille soap flakes is sufficient for hand washing. The accessories can be placed directly in the machine. We choose the delicate program and water at 30° max. With that, you're done!

Either way, no heat drying or tumble drying, just a little patience. This will give you pieces that will last you much longer.

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