To be called Perus and to produce in Portugal

S'appeler Perus et produire au Portugal

Where are Perus parts produced?

When we started, in 2014, we produced exclusively in Peru.
The founders of Perus also spent around 4 months per year on site to ensure good working conditions for the artisans and the quality of production . We have always been keen to pay our artisans twice the Peruvian minimum wage.

In recent years, we have questioned the environmental impact of our brand.
We are committed to reducing our impact and this is why we made the decision to initiate a relocation process in 2020 in order to reduce our carbon impact and promote European know-how .

Today, how is production distributed?

Today in 2023, more than two thirds of our products are manufactured on European soil, in Portugal: our leather and suede sneakers, our tshirts and our sweatshirts .

The remaining third corresponds to our historic products: patterned sneakers and alpaca wool sweaters which are still produced in Peru and Bolivia.

And in all this, Los Chicos?

Our social commitment to education is at the heart of our project and is part of Perus' DNA.

For each product purchased, one day of school is funded for a disadvantaged child in Peru.

Social impact is extremely important to us, it’s what motivates us every day!
So regardless of the origin of our products, our commitment will remain unchanged and at the heart of our concerns.

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