Why are our prices increasing?

Pourquoi nos prix augmentent ?
Our goal, since day one, has been to offer you quality products, manufactured under favorable conditions, with low environmental impact and at the most affordable price possible by applying a margin 2 times lower than the average.

Today, faced with soaring costs, we have to adapt.
To maintain the quality of our products (and that's what we want), we are forced to raise certain prices.

We explain this to you in complete transparency πŸ‘‡

The main reason is the general increase in costs: from labor to raw materials to freight and the dollar against the euro, everything has increased. All of our suppliers have therefore applied increases to all of our products and services.

  • The rise in the price of raw materials : the strong recovery in demand after months of harvest and production stoppages has caused a large increase in the cost of materials. And delivery times for organic cotton have gone from less than a month to more than 3 months.
    To give you an idea, according to the economic magazine Capital, the respective costs of organic cotton and wool have increased by 43% and 47% respectively! Incidentally, delivery times for organic cotton have gone from less than a month to more than 3 months.

  • A global surge in freight (prices of transport and goods) due to logistical difficulties in each country, which have had an impact everywhere and quickly.

  • The increase in demand in Europe because following all these logistical problems, many brands have decided to relocate their production, and so much the better, but all of a sudden: increase in demand, less availability in production and increase in costs. It's mechanical.

  • Inflation has also had an impact on our workshops, which have adapted craftsmen's wages so that they retain the same purchasing power.

  • The euro fell from a value of $1.2 to less than $1. Despite our relocation for the past two years, we now produce more than β…” of our items sold in Europe, historic models and sweaters are paid for in dollars
For all these reasons, we are forced to adjust our prices on certain products from October 16, 2022.

The listed list may seem anxiety-provoking but we remain very optimistic and mobilized so that fashion continues its transition towards more responsibility.

More and more brands are moving in the right direction and putting social and environmental issues at the center of their concerns: that's great!

The power is in our hands to consume less but better.
Together, we will get there! πŸ’ͺ

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