Why are our customers the best?

Pourquoi nos clients sont-ils les meilleurs ?

A major study was carried out among our 60,000 customers

Nicolas founder of Perus:

"I created the ethical brand Perus for people who hardly buy clothes anymore. And that's a good thing. It's the paradox of responsible fashion and ethical brands : on the one hand, we work for reduced and reasoned consumption. On the other hand, we need to grow and sell to exist.

In July, we sought to get closer to our customers to understand how they consume.

Our customers were in the spotlight and they were able to tell us what they liked about our approach!”

The purpose of this customer study?

Gather their feedback on the last few months and their expectations for the coming year, in order to produce clothes for which there is a real demand while minimizing unsold items, always in an eco-responsible approach that we seek as ethical brand .

And why are our customers the best?

There were more than 500 respondents to our questionnaire... and the results are impressive!

We give you the 8 key teachings in this carousel.

And without wanting to brag, we think our customers are the best!

This always gives us more motivation to develop our ethical brand .

Our Feeling

We are happy to count on such an engaged community, because it is thanks to them that we have this motivation to continue to develop and evolve our ethical brand !

Their feedback allows us to improve and create designs that reflect their desires and aspirations.

And we look forward to discovering the future of Perus with our customers!

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