We leave our store

On quitte notre boutique

We just left our store, why is this good news?

Because she almost ruined the company.

In 2018, after 3 years of activity exclusively online and experiencing strong growth, the logical next step was to open our store.

After around forty visits, we fell in love with this superb location in the heart of the marsh: 180m2 on 3 floors including 8 office spaces on the 1st floor, 60m2 on the ground floor with a corner, 70m2 of usable basement, a reasonable rent for the location... The dream!

Inauguration party

We signed at the end of October 2018 and we carried out a pre-opening before work during November.

We are happy and proud to open our store but the beginnings are difficult... The first Saturday of opening is the gathering of yellow vests in Paris and this demonstration blocks the neighborhood and access to our store.
The scene will repeat itself for the next 52 Saturdays.

To give a reference, over the past year, Saturday represents 42% of the store's sales volume of the week.

Other events will take over from Saturday December 5 until Saturday February 20, 2020.

The following ? You all know her...
The unknown, the exceptional, the never seen before, for everyone.

For non-essential businesses: 4 months of imposed closure and no rent reduction granted.

Store traffic divided by more than 2 until the end of 2021.

Through effort and reorientation of the brand, we manage to stay close to balance. Significant trade-offs are made on all cost items but that. will not be enough.

2022 is the year of inflation and rising interest rates.
Despite our efforts and our desire to keep this meeting place with our customers, we feel that the store is becoming too great a financial burden.
We search r then to transfer the right to the lease in order to save the financial situation of the company.

Boutique shoot

A serious buyer comes forward in June 2023 and after 4 months of emotional roller coaster and endless exchanges between all stakeholders, the deed of sale is finally signed.

This sale allows the company to get its head above water, reduce monthly fixed costs and regain flexibility and agility in what we have been doing for 9 years: being a responsible digital brand.

Indeed, online activity represents 80% of our activity and the company should probably become profitable again.

There is still a lot of work to do but one thing is certain:

Leaving our store is good news and a new beginning.

PS: We think hard of all the merchants and sister brands who are going through complicated times. We are together 💪

Nicolas and the whole Perus team.

Nicolas, Founder of Perus

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