Perús becomes...

Perús devient...
In 2014, we created Perús to share with you the crush we had for traditional Inca motifs during our "backpack" trip to South America.
To pay homage to this culture, we have chosen sneakers: an urban product into which we have integrated these ancestral traditions, mixed with our influences.
Since then, we have always moved forward with the objective of offering you through our products an original fashion, committed to the benefit of education in Peru, respectful of the women and men who shape it and of their culture.
8 years later, just like Perús, we have evolved. Our environmental awareness coupled with our social values ​​encourage us to reinvent ourselves and expand our ambitions.
After the gradual relocation of our production to Europe and the launch of our new e-commerce site in October, it seemed obvious to us to rethink our identity. Reflecting our quest for more transparency, we opted for a more modern logo and font that also symbolizes our aspiration for more sustainable, local and responsible fashion.
Our identity changes, not our mission
While our new models are produced in Portugal, our iconic canvas sneakers are still made in Peru. We are proud to have participated in the creation of more than 30 jobs on site and forged strong ties with our partner craftsmen.
We obviously maintain our partnership with the association Los Chicos de Cusco, which has made it possible to finance more than 500 school years in Peru, where it all began. We take this opportunity to salute once again the work of the volunteers who were able to mobilize during the health crisis so that everyone can continue their education as well as possible. We are also thinking of the students and teachers of the Huchy Yachaq and Picol establishments. Like many others around the world, they have redoubled their efforts and adaptability to continue to flourish in the best possible conditions.
As you have understood, at Perús we are reinventing ourselves slowly but surely. Beautiful projects and many challenges are still to come and we look forward to sharing them with you.
Hasta pronto!
The Peru team

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