Our Baby Alpaca wool sweaters

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Alpaca wool, wool of the Gods

Formerly reserved for the high Inca nobility, Alpaca wool has not lost its splendor. An excellent alternative to cashmere or mohair, it is increasingly attractive for its multiple qualities. South Americans even call it “wool of the Gods”. (Re)known for its multiple properties, the popularity of Alpaca wool continues to grow.

Alpaca wool in figures

🦙 4 million alpacas
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 120,000 families who live from their breeding and wool trade
🧶 85% of world production comes from Peru. 10% from Bolivia, where the wool for our sweaters comes from.

Pampered and revered alpacas

Perched at several thousand altitudes, these camelids live peacefully in vast expanses of meadows. Their breeders (whose wool is very often the only source of income) watch over them all year round. Alpacas even have their own festival: the Alpaca Festival! During this ceremony, breeders invoke their deities so that they protect their herd.

And shearing wool ?

The alpacas are sheared once a year and in conditions that respect the animal and its well-being. Once collected, the wool does not need to be washed and can be woven immediately. A considerable advantage for breeders who can sell it quickly and thus buy enough to feed their families. And to get to the markets, the shorn wool is transported on the back of... alpaca! Practical AND ecological ☝️

Perus and Alpaca wool

A great love story!
At Perus, we have always been convinced of the quality and durability of Alpaca wool . To offer you the best possible quality, we went even further by choosing to use Baby Alpaca wool.

Baby Alpaca wool corresponds to the first fleece of the alpaca. The older the animal gets, the more its fleece loses its fineness. Baby Alpaca wool is considered high-end and is often compared to silk for its softness and comfort, but it is even silkier and warmer!

And at Perus, we decided to work directly with our suppliers for all our wool sweaters . The wool mills with which we collaborate are owned by the breeders themselves in a cooperative (more than 1,200 families). This guarantees them fair remuneration and superior quality products.

Our 100% wool Baby Alpaca sweaters

All our sweaters are 100% made from Baby Alpaca wool. They are very soft and warm to feel cocooned all day long. Find our different models:

- Men's cardigans
- Women's vests

- Buttoned collars
- Round necks
- Turtlenecks
- Inca patterned sweaters

A Perus 100% wool Baby Alpaca sweater brings the perfect combo: it is comfortable, soft, neither too hot nor too cold, does not scratch and supports sustainable and supportive fashion.

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