Our 7 Tips for a stress-free Christmas, for us and the planet

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November, the first decorations appear, the end of year celebrations will soon be on everyone's minds.

This period, supposed to be an enchanted parenthesis of family reunions, can quickly become a source of stress as the injunctions are numerous :

  • You should show your loved ones how much you love them by giving them lots of gifts.
  • You should prepare an exceptional reception and meals for your family members
  • His family should be united, happy together and perfect
  • You would have to manage to be everywhere at once, with your parents, in-laws, grandparents and then friends for the New Year.
  • It should be shown on social networks


Let's take a breath before being drawn into the whirlwind of advertisements, various promotions, crowds, and anxiety linked to the approach of the fateful date.

Our objective with this list is not to add injunctions to injunctions, it is to be considered as a list of ideas from which to draw depending on one's sensitivity and personal situation, within one's means.

This list is aimed more at parties between adults.

1. Favor quality over quantity: less but better

2. Stop the principle 1 person = 1 gift, minimum

By organizing a family “Secret Santa” beforehand, for example. One person is drawn at random and each person offers a single gift.

The mental load suddenly collapses, we can take the time to understand what the person really wants and needs , and what will give them the most pleasure.

The budget allocated to the unique gift is greater since there is only one.

3. Offer experiences instead only objects

Instead of giving material objects, offer memorable or sporting experiences, a beautiful restaurant…

4. Make your choices mindfully

Don't succumb to the lure of marketing, impulse purchases and promotions.

Some questions to keep in mind when consuming:

  • Does the recipient really need this item?
  • Is the purchase planned?
  • Is it durable?
  • Would I have purchased this item if it wasn't on sale?

5. In the case of physical objects

  • Prefer brands that you really like and projects aligned with your values . Most responsible consumer goods brands have suffered greatly in recent years and showing your preference can make a difference.
  • Prefer local or artisanal and sustainable production to a product manufactured on the other side of the world, in often unknown or harmful conditions.
  • Prefer responsible and natural materials.
  • Avoid single-brand gift cards with an expiration date , unless expressly requested by the recipient.
  • Without prior information, offer a wide choice with a responsible multi-brand gift card , like ethikdo for example, offering hundreds of brands and inspiring experiences based on social and environmental criteria.

6. Reduce the impact linked to transport

The majority of the carbon impact of the holidays is linked to transport:

  • Encourage loved ones to meet locally and favor low-carbon modes of transport such as trains or carpooling.
  • Try to limit the number of vehicles by filling them, with meeting participants or by taking a carpool.
  • Avoid the plane.
  • To find beautiful destinations accessible without a plane and without a car , you can use the excellent Hourrail tool.

7. Raise awareness of the importance of eco-responsibility and sustainability and encourage responsible behavior.

In the Perus team, for example, we each like to do our year's carbon footprint at this time . We give ourselves achievable numerical objectives for the following year. You can do it with the excellent tool from Ademe .

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