My position on Black Friday.

position sur black friday

Every year, the story begins again.

Fast fashion brands are taking advantage of Black Friday to display increasingly significant (and often false) discounts.

Opposite, numerous brands set up shields.
They produce locally , with more expensive sustainable materials , and pay all stakeholders fairly .

They already offer prices with a lower margin all year round.
They cannot offer “extraordinary” discounts.

The consumer finds himself in the middle, bombarded with information.
He is torn between his aspirations for more responsible consumption and his budgetary constraints :

  • 72% say they are aware of sustainability issues in the fashion industry.


  • 71% say they have difficulty managing inflation.
  • 57% are delaying their purchases this year due to prices.

On the brand side, managers are also torn.
They must balance their commitments with economic imperatives such as profitability, cash flow and inventory management.

This is a vital time for all of us. We generate between 1/4 and 1/3 of our annual activity in 6 weeks.

Over the past year, more than 50 of the 300 responsible brands present on the Ulule store have ceased their activity.

The list of companies in receivership or compulsory liquidation is growing every day: San Marina, Emanuel Lang, Bonton, Gap, Pimkie, Sinequanone, Modetrotter, Minelli, Clergerie, Don't call me jennyfer, DPAM, Orcanta, Kaporal, La Bouche Rouge, Naf naf, Kookai, Go Sport, Camaieu, Kindy, Scotch & soda, Pause Café, André…

This list is just for the last few months. It is far from exhaustive.

In this gloomy context, to say the least, I think there is a way forward:
Make Black Friday your own, the holiday season, with your beliefs and values.

I am convinced that this is a good time to speak out about our commitments.

For several years, we created Giving Friday with Perus .
Measured reductions to offer a more sustainable alternative .

A 30% discount on the second item , to offer or receive an artisanal and authentic piece.

Each item funds a day of school with Los Chicos de Cusco .

This offer is not perfect because it encourages you to buy multiple items.
It is possible because we divide our logistics costs, €13 per order, by the number of items.

It allows us to reconcile our mission, making more responsible fashion accessible, with our economic imperatives.

Hasta pronto,


Founder of Perus.

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