Belt bags: upcycling vs recycling

Upcycler Recycler

Today, we are talking to you about the difference between upcycle And recycle and our fanny packs Hoe x Perus!

Responsible clothing through upcycling

Upcycling means in French surcyclage or recycling upwards. It is the fact of recovering products destined to be thrown away to make new products, and thus give them a new life. The upcycling process makes it possible to really reduce its environmental impact since overconsumption is avoided. You can do it at home, unlike recycling.

Creation through destruction through recycling

Recycling, on the other hand, destroys the waste to recover the usable material to create a new product. It is therefore an industrial process that requires more resources than upcycling.

Perus x Binette upcycled banana bags!

Today at Perus, we are proud to integrate the upcycling approach into our manufacturing processes. We launched a collaboration with Binette, a brand of fanny packs upcycled. We went to hunt for fabric and leather from dormant stocks and destined to be thrown away to make fanny packs styles with reduced impact for the planet! THE super practical Perus x Binette bum bags are in corduroy and suede . Ideal in town, at work, at festivals, our fanny packs will accompany you everywhere!

fanny packs

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