You have the coco look! 6 ideas for trendy, responsible & discounted outfits

6 idΓ©es de looks tendances et Γ©co-responsable pour cet hiver ! Profitez des soldes solidaires Perus

Hello !

Are you also out of inspiration in the morning when you get dressed? In winter, it's always more difficult to find ideas for trendy, stylish outfits while remaining ethical and responsible.

To make your difficult Monday morning choices easier, we've concocted 6 top looks with our flagship and sale products to help you. Traveller, city dweller, partygoer or homebody: there is something for everyone!

No doubt coco, these looks will stick to your skin 😎
Let's go πŸ‘‡


It's the everyday look, the one made for going to work, having a drink or spending a Sunday with the family. For the top, we offer you an ultra soft and comfortable basic: a Gray button collar sweater in alpaca wool πŸ¦™. For footwear, what better than our latest pair of Rio Sierra Trainers ? With its reflective band and its unique perforations, they will accompany you everywhere. The advantage of this look: it is timeless!


Man or woman, we all like to feel chic in our clothes! This is what we offer you for this next look. The Ecru Button Collar Sweater will keep you warm while remaining classy! The Nazca Marino sneakers are now part of our bestsellers. This pair of unisex sneakers goes perfectly with jeans or dress pants.


This look is for travelers & wanderers who like to go on weekends and on vacation to enjoy nature, visit, see the sea or spend time with loved ones. The Gray Pullover Hoodie is perfect for long journeys, sports activities and city walks. Its cotton, certified organic, is ultra-soft and ultra-resistant. Guaranteed comfort! And of course, the essential for all getaways: the Viajero travel bag . Made in Spain, it is very resistant and will allow you to take everything you need for a successful weekend!


Because sometimes we don't want to think about our outfits, we just want to be chill and maximum comfort. It is for this type of day that we offer you the Vino Hoodie Sweatshirt , made in Portugal from organic cotton. It exists in several colors and several designs, all unisex: maximum chill guaranteed πŸ˜„

To accompany the hoodie, what could be better than the Valluna Marino sneakers ? A best-seller for a few years, we advise you to hurry, there are not many left!


We know you and we know that if you're there, you're stylish! So we offer you a complete look: stylish, fun and colorful! To start, our Rose round neck sweater in alpaca wool. Its natural color and its chic and unique design adapts to all body types. It will put color in your cloudy days ✨

To give you the banana, we offer you the Brehat banana bag . It is a 100% upcycled bag: it is made from scraps of fabric destined to be thrown away: maximum impact! And we had to wear our stylish and colorful sneakers in this look, the ones that will never leave you, the famous Altiplano Rojo!


To be cocooning is to be comfortable, it is to wear your favorite sweater while drinking a hot drink under a plaid. And for that, we offer you our mega cocooning alpaca wool sweaters: Inca Ecru sweater . This is the sweater that will follow you from September to April, because it is resistant, timeless and ultra comfortable. To accompany the look, we offer you the Nieve Esmeralda sneakers : the classic and original white sneaker at the same time. Its little extra: a sole made from rice shell!

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