Caring for belt bags and corduroy caps!

Binette bleu en velours

All of our corduroy bum bags are made from recycled raw materials .

And made from cotton velor which is more durable than other types of velour.

To clean your fanny packs and caps, several techniques can be used.

Soapy water and white vinegar:

You can use a mixture of soapy water and white vinegar to revive the color of a moderately soiled velvet.

During your cleaning, apply the mixture using a well-wrung cloth, the application must be made evenly.

Avoid wetting the velvet too much because water is the enemy of this material.

Rinsing will be done using a washcloth.

To avoid clumped hairs you can, once dry, apply talc and leave to act overnight.


You can use a brush soaked in a little ammonia and water.

Wipe vigorously with a towel.

Baking soda and lemon:

These two ingredients can also be useful for removing any stains.

You just need to prepare the mixture beforehand and then apply with a cloth or washcloth to the stained areas.

Blue alpaca cap

To finish :

Velvet is a material that tends to retain dust, so we advise you to brush your items regularly with a soft textile brush to avoid damaging the fabric and restore shine.

Find our waterproofing products here .

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