News from the social project!

Des nouvelles du projet social !

Our social commitment

Founded by Jean-Gabriel Cabot, Los Chicos de Cusco is a Peruvian association which helps two educational structures in particular: Huchuy Yachaq and Picol.

In addition to the teachers' salaries, the association takes care of the purchase of uniforms and school materials, the distribution of meals to students, as well as the construction and maintenance of the premises. It also involves parents in school life by organizing workshops or through personalized support for certain families. This global support allows local actors (teachers, parents and children) to strengthen their skills and guide them towards total autonomy.

What does this have to do with ethical fashion ? Perus defines itself first and foremost as an ethical fashion brand. By ethical fashion , we of course mean the environmental aspect, but we really wanted to give a fully social dimension to this ethical fashion . Our donation to the association amounts to €1 per product sold, or more than 20% of our profits. Since our launch in December 2014, we have donated more than €80,000 to Los Chicos de Cusco, or one school year for more than 400 children! When we see these results, we are really proud to support ethical fashion , respectful of the planet, but also of the people who make it up.

The political situation in Peru...

The context has been rather complicated in Peru since the start of the year.

The day after the dismissal of President Pedro Castillo last December, a social and political crisis broke out and had significant consequences on the economic situation of households. Blockage of communication routes, shortage of raw materials, increase in food supplies... all repercussions which have affected the already precarious economic balance of families.

But the Los Chicos de Cusco teams did not give up and increased their efforts to ensure that the existing systems took place as planned and so that the children had access to the same resources as in other years!

News from the Los Chicos de Cusco association!

The Maxivacaciones program in January-February:

At the start of the year, the Maxivacaciones program once again bore fruit. Its aim is to offer leisure workshops to children during the school holiday period (January and February) and to consolidate their academic skills by integrating artistic and fun techniques which facilitate their social and emotional development.

The outcome of this session of Maxivacaciones is largely positive with the holding of diversified workshops (mathematics through games, plastic arts for the expression of emotions, sex education for adolescents, etc.) and visits to the museums of Cusco to open children to local culture and history. In total, 121 young people between 3 and 13 years old benefited from the program.

Activities since March:

There were many activities! Outing to the park for the 3-year-old class, sports games on April 28 for all levels, plastic arts, music and theater workshops allow children to express themselves and flourish thanks to the support of their teachers...

See you soon for other news from the association!

Hasta Pronto!

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