Ethical sneakers for back to school

Des baskets éthiques pour la rentrée

Back-to-School Sneakers: Ethical, Eco-responsible and Essential!

What could be better than getting ready with shoes that are trendy, ethical and environmentally friendly for back to school? Discover our selection of ethical shoes.

REACH Certified Leather Sneakers

Among our back-to-school essentials, the white Nieve sneakers and the Nazca leather sneakers stand out for their design in REACH standard certified leather. This label not only guarantees the quality and durability of the leather. Unique pieces that are both aesthetic and responsible. Opting for these sneakers means adopting a style that is both chic and ethical.

Any vegans around here? Incas canvas sneakers

Our Ampato and Ayacucho canvas sneakers: Hand-assembled in Peru, these ethical vegan shoes with the Inca patterned design bring a touch of authenticity and modernity, making them essentials of the season. Their artisanal manufacturing guarantees unparalleled quality and comfort.

Suede for your little feet

Who says back to school, says end of summer and arrival of autumn. It's time to take out our ethical shoes in colorful suede for the comfort of your little feet!

The Rio sneaker adapts to all situations thanks to its colors, its design, its material. With Rio, we go from hot to cold, from altitude to flat, from sea to lake, from volcano to forest. It is this diversity that defines its unique character.

The Gamuzon suede sneaker is much more than just a pair of shoes, they are works of art to wear proudly at the start of the school year. Inspired by traditional patterns from the Sacred Valley of the Incas, they are the spirit of autumn with their natural elegance.

They are all unique, but they also have things in common:

For each pair purchased, one day of school is funded for underprivileged children in Peru. And... they are all as stylish as each other!

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