Sorting time

L'heure du tri

Finally a little fresh's fall!

It's time to put away the light outfits and bring out the warm sweaters. The ideal opportunity to sort our belongings carefully, using environmentally friendly practices.

Ready to face the season? For an ethical touch, take a look at our alpaca wool sweaters ! They combine comfort, softness and respect for the environment.

Our tips for a more responsible approach:

Benevolent sorting

Before putting away your summer clothes, take the time to sort carefully. Identify the clothes you didn't wear this summer and ask yourself:

“Am I likely to wear them next year?”

If not, consider donating them to local charities or selling them to others who might need them. This step is essential to free up space in your wardrobe while allowing your clothes to find a second life...But also to make room for our alpaca wool sweaters !

Store with care

Take care to put away your summer clothes. Opt for reusable storage boxes to avoid plastic waste. Store them away from direct sunlight to preserve them longer.

Prioritizing sustainability for fall

In autumn, it is essential to choose quality clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable. Opt for clothing designed to last, made from environmentally friendly materials. Our alpaca wool sweaters are a great example, providing both warmth and comfort while supporting ethical production.

And you, what are your eco-friendly tips?