Face the cold in style

Affronter le froid avec style

-5 degrees? Brrr, it’s freezing cold!

This freshness as soon as we cross the threshold of our home is inevitable! However, choosing a suitable outfit becomes a real challenge. We often find ourselves sacrificing style to stay warm, or vice versa.

A tip to face the cold in style:

Choose natural wool!

Perus and alpaca wool! A great love story!
At Perus, we have always been convinced of the quality, durability and warmth of Alpaca wool . So that you are warm while being stylish with our Alpaca wool sweaters.

Our 100% Baby Alpaca sweaters

All our sweaters are 100% made from Baby Alpaca wool. They are very soft and warm to feel cocooned all day long. Find our different models:

- Men's cardigans
- Women's vests

- Buttoned collars
- Round necks
- Turtlenecks
- Inca patterned sweaters

A Perus sweater 100% Baby Alpaca wool brings the perfect combo: it is comfortable, soft, stylish and supports sustainable and supportive fashion.

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