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For each pair that we sell, we finance one day of school for disadvantaged children at the ASVIN school, in San Jeronimo, Cuzco.

The ASVIN school was founded in 2003 by Hide and David, a Peruvian couple. It is located in San Jeronimo, one of the poorest suburbs of Cusco. Their objective is to help families by teaching their children at no cost. Thanks to that program, children who would otherwise have been on the street or at work all day are able to benefit from a complete education. Back when the organization was starting up, David and Hide used extra sheets from used copybooks for the pupils to have something to write on. Before this venture, David was teaching philosophy and Hide communication. They put all their savings into the foundation of the school and postponed having their own house until 2014. 

The school started with four children, and Hide and David were giving classes themselves. Then, in 2007, they had an auspicious encounter with Jean Gabriel Cabot.  He was so inspired by the project that he spontaneously created the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco to help fund the expansion of the school.

Thanks to the financial support of this French NGO, the school grew rapidly. Eight years later, the school counts six teachers, a cook, many volunteers and more than ninety children aged from 3 to 13 are enrolled . Everything is taken in charge by the school : from the canteen (twice a day) to scholarships.


The school is solely financed by donations. Each year the budget is difficult to close, and it is only thanks to the amazing work of the volunteers and members of the association that  the project stays afloat.

Hearing about Los Chicos de Cusco and ASVIN, we met with Jean Gabriel, Los Chicos' president, who introduced us more thoroughly to his challenging and inspiring work. It was then that we decided to create the #TwoShoesForSchool project, in order to finance one day of school for a child of ASVIN for each pair of Perús sold.

How much does a day of school cost ?

The TwoShoesForSchool donation for each pair sold is 1€. The calculation of the cost of one day of school per child is based on the costs of teachers' salaries, books and school supplies and uniforms.

There are a bit over 200 days of school in an academic year and about 100 children at ASVIN. That makes about one euro per day per child, which is the amount redistributed for each pair of Perús sold.

Since the beginning of the project in December 2014, more than 13 000 days of school have been financed. This represents one school year for 65 children, and is only the beginning !

So far, Perús have donated 13 000€ to the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco as part of the #TwoShoesForSchool Project.

Future objectives for TwoShoesForSchool

We hope  to bring greater financial stability to the association and help it with future projects : providing education for more children, for a longer period of time, as well developing professional training. The biggest project in the middle-term is the construction of a middle school and dormitories: a project with an estimated budget of 130,000€. We believe that it is a reachable goal for 2016-2017.

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