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Our Story

 Our Story

It was while they were backpacking around Latin America in 2014, and wandering the streets of Cusco, that Armand, Nicolas and Henri discovered sneakers with Inca patterns on them. Within the following few minutes, the three childhood friends were already talking about what they could do to share this design with the world, while at the same time adding their own style to it. They eventually decided to create a product that merges Peruvian traditional expertise and authenticity and urban elegance. After searching far and wide for the right partner, they finally met Alexandra and her team of skilled artisans, who now handle the manufacturing of the shoes.

Further on down the line, the team met the association Los Chicos de Cusco with whom they created the #TwoShoesForSchool program : for each pair of sneakers sold, one day of school is funded for a child in an underprivileged suburb of Cusco.

The Perús brand was launched thanks to a  crowdfunding campaign in December 2014,  via the Ulule website, and has beaten the record of the platform by being supported by more than 1,500 contributors from more than 25 countries of the 5 continents !


When Armand is not working on Perús designs or handling logistics, you can find him playing rugby or experimenting with electronic music

As for Henri, when he's not taking care of resourcing in Peru or developing the website, he's probably listening to blues music or trying to master lucid dreaming. Or even watching Star Wars for the 30th time.

Nicolas is the Perús reference when it comes to Community Management. In addition to chatting with him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can tune in to his insights on poker game theory on the biggest French Poker radio show.


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