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Nouvelle collection

After our first collection of canvas sneakers, plenty of you have asked us for Leather and Suede designs that would fit all seasons.
Today, we are very happy to present our new collection available in pre-order on Ulule !

We have created three new lines all inspired from different Peruvian designs.


For this line, we have sourced in the Arequipa region, known for the quality of its skins, an full grain leather of excellent quality, with a Nappa treatment which is optimal for sneakers because it allows an excellent resistance to water, sun and stains. The 7 cm traditional canvas is set on the heel. The atural rubber sole (more ecologic an aesthetic) is sewn in addition to being glued.








Sixtine wearing her Misti Cuero in Paris 



This line, which counts 5 declinations of colors, is made out of a Suede leather also sourced in the Arequipa region. The traditional patterns are typical of the Chincherro village, a mythical place with a strong artisanal culture located in the sacred valley of the Incas, in the Cusco area. The sole is sewn in addition to being glued.


GAMUZON GRIS                                              GAMUZON MARRON


GAMUZON VINO                                              GAMUZON MARINO



It’s a new form within Perús sneakers. They are also made of Suede and textile. We have used two different patterns that lead to two different designs, themselves declined in various colors :

- The Chincherro design, made with the same woven canvas which is used in the Gamuzon Line, sourced in the sacred Valley of the Incas



CHINCHERRO MARRON                                    CHINCHERRO ARENA


CHINCHERRO GRIS                                    CHINCHERRO MARINO

-The Ayahuasca design is made with an embroidered pattern. This pattern comes from the Shipibo culture, an aborigenous community of Peruvian Amazonia. It evokes the sinuosity of life as well as the wildlife and flora of the Jungle.

While we were in Peru working on the development of this design, the discrict of Lima where some Shipibo



AYAHUASCA GRIS                                    AYAHUASCA ARENA


AYAHUASCA MARRON                                    AYAHUASCA VINO


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