It's Peru! - Fasciata - Perús x Styley

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"Eco-cool" succulent plant in a 100% recyclable pot designed by the Perús & Styley teams!

Succulents or "succulents" are plants with thick leaves that are very easy to maintain, perfect for beginners!

The plants selected for our collaboration live indoors and produce much more oxygen than conventional plants.

A Must Have! 😍

Potted with love in Chantilly, France .

Jar dimensions: 75x105mm

Plant height: 10cm*

*Succulents are living beings, so their sizes and colors may vary.


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In hot weather, water when the soil is dry and every two weeks in winter. Be careful not to water too regularly, at the risk of drowning it! Repot the plant every 2 years.


Styley is the story of Alain, Nicolas and Mathilde, 3 entrepreneurs who couldn't grow plants in their printing workshop: lack of light, restrictive maintenance... So they started decorating their workshop with succulents and cacti, easier to maintain and resistant, which they then personalized with pots with cool messages and original designs. Styley was born!
The brand also offers bottled dried flowers and clothing.


Each plant is potted by hand by the Styley teams in 100% recyclable pots from their workshop in Chantilly! The plants used come from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Social Project

We collaborate with the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco which supports 4 schools located in poor villages in the Cusco region. For each product, we redistribute one euro, which corresponds to one school day for a student, including teachers' salaries, supplies and uniforms.

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Social Project

We collaborate with the association Los Chicos de Cusco which supports several schools located in poor villages in the region of Cusco. For each product purchased, we donate more than 20% of our profits, which helps finance a day of school for a child, including teachers' salaries, supplies, uniforms, etc.