Valluna Terracotta - Baskets - Perus
Valluna Terracotta - Baskets - Perus
Valluna Terracotta - Baskets - Perus
Valluna Terracotta - Baskets - Perus
Valluna Terracotta - Baskets - Perus

Valluna Terracotta

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White leather sneakers with a 70’s design twist. Perforated pattern lined with a reflective material. Terracotta, yellow and grey suede inserts.

Inspired from the Vallunaraju mountain and its two eternally snow-capped summits, which sparkle in clear weather. An obvious name for these shoes whose inserts reflect light. 

Ideal for night-time strolls and cyclists !

Made in Portugal. Leather lining, leather and suede exterior. 86% natural rubber sole. 

Order true to size !

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We recommend using our Waterproofer to extend the lifetime of your sneakers and to limit stains.. 

We also recommend using our Raviv' Daim to revive the color of the suede of your shoes.

Inserts inspired by Andean landscapes

You surely know about our passion for Andean landscapes and the landforms that already inspired a few of our collections. This one does not derogate and our Vallunas are a nod to the Vallunaraju mountain. Its two summits culminate at 5 600 meters and are covered with snow all year long. When the sun reflect on it… Feast your eyes ! Some legends even tell about an Inca treasure hidden somewhere between its two spikes… 

Shine bright like a Valluna !

As we have cyclists in the team, we have been wanting to design a pair of sneakers that is elegant and original, and that allows you to be seen from afar in the dark. We then had the idea of perforating the leather of our Vallunas with patterned punch, and to line it with a reflective material (you know, the one we usually find on the circulation vests). Vallunas on, you’re ready to shine ! 

Artisanal craftmanship

Our sneakers are handmade by the Caminhar factory’s team in Portugal. Each piece is assembled with care, its ultra-comfortable natural rubber sole is glued then sewn to insure a good foot support and a better walking resistance.

Why Portugal ?

We believe a strong social commitment goes hand in hand with a strong environmental commitment. That is why our Valluna sneakers are made in Fafe, in Portugal. Among other benefits, it allows us to limit their transport and their carbon footprint. Plus, this region is world-renowned for its artisans’ expertise and the quality of their shoes !

Why do we use pre-orders ?

Pre-orders allow us to produce the right amount of products and to limit industrial waste. Each article is made for you, with care and in sustainable conditions. When you pre-order an item of our collection, you are making sure it’s yours ! We produce our collections in limited quantities and your interest is always growing. When you use our pre-order system, we can guarantee the reservation and the reception of your article, as soon as possible.


We are in collaboration with the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco that supports four schools in poor villages around Cusco in Peru. For each pair of sneakers that you buy, we donate one euro. This represents the cost to send one pupil to school for a day, including the teacher’s salary, school supplies and uniforms. It represents between 15 and 20% of our benefits.

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- Order your usual size. Between two sizes, we recommend that you opt for the one below.
- White sneakers in smooth leather and suede inserts.
- Leather interior, leather and suede exterior.
- Cowhide leather certified REACH standard, processed in Spain.
- Perforated patterns lined with reflective material.
- 86% natural rubber sole.
- Designed in collaboration with designer Julie Thissen.
- 1 pair purchased = 1 day of school financed in Peru!

Shine Bright like a Valluna!
Sneakers with a 70's look lined with reflective material! To shine in the evening... and be seen from afar!
REACH certified
The leather of our Valluna complies with REACH regulations and is processed in Spain, under environmentally friendly conditions. This European standard governs the treatment of leather and guarantees its safety for human health and the planet.
walk of fame
Ultra-comfortable natural rubber sole, for good foot support and better walking resistance.
Beautiful performances
On the Valluna, the patterns are... perforated!
A durable and environmentally friendly technique that brings relief and originality.
Full headlights!
In addition to being perforated, their leather is also lined with a reflective material. Your Valluna on your feet, you are ready to shine, in complete safety!
Made in Portugal
The Valluna are handcrafted by our partner craftsmen at the Caminhar factory in Portugal. A European manufacturing that allows us to limit their carbon footprint and above all to guarantee the traceability of our products. In addition, this region is recognized worldwide for its know-how and the quality of its shoes!
See you at the top
Our Vallunas are a nod to the Vallunaraju mountain in Peru! Its two summits which culminate at more than 5600 meters are snow-covered all year round. When the sun reflects on it, watch your eyes! Some legends even say that an Inca treasure would be hidden somewhere between its two points...
To prolong the life of your sneakers and limit stains, we recommend that you waterproof them before wearing them for the first time, then as often as necessary.
We can recommend our Famaco waterproofing agent .
In order to complete the maintenance of your pair and maintain the color of the suede, we recommend Raviv' Suede.
Pre-ordering, more responsible
because it allows to produce the right number of parts in order to limit overproduction. This involves waiting a bit before receiving your order.
To thank you for your patience, we offer our products at advantageous prices at the time of the launches. Pre-ordering means getting a durable piece, made for you!
Social Project
We have been collaborating since our beginnings with the association Los Chicos de Cusco which supports humanly and financially several educational establishments in the suburbs of Cusco.
For each product sold, €1 is donated to the association, i.e. more than 20% of our profits. This donation helps finance a school day for a child in Peru!
Our history
Perus was born in 2014 from a trip to South America and a desire to offer sustainable, ethical and committed fashion. We develop our products so that they accompany you everywhere and for a long time. For this, we select our materials with care, as do our partner craftsmen. Each of our employees is paid fairly and works in good conditions.

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Bonjour, le travail du cuir est de grande qualité. Il y a juste deux petits défauts au niveau de la peinture/teinture sur une chaussure, mais rien de grave.

Merci Basil pour votre retour positif. On note concernant la peinture pour passer l'information à l'atelier. Excellente journée,

Cecile M.

Valluna Vino

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