Nieve Marino - Baskets - Perus
Nieve Marino - Baskets - Perus
Nieve Marino - Baskets - Perus
Nieve Marino - Baskets - Perus
Nieve Marino - Baskets - Perus

White Nieve Marino Sneakers

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  • blanches originales perforees talon rouge bordeaux homme femme
  • blanches originales perforees homme femme
  • blanches originales perforees talon vert homme femme
  • blanches originales perforees talon bleu marine homme femme
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Order your usual size. Between two sizes, take the one below.

- White leather sneakers with perforations inspired by traditional Inca motifs.

- Exterior and interior in REACH certified leather.

- 100% rubber soles, 20% of which are “rice shell”, the rice husk generally discarded, here recovered to make it a 100% recyclable material.

- Colored leather band on the back of the basket with the brand name in gold letters.

- White waterproof waxed cotton shoelaces, width 0.6 mm.

- Made in Portugal by the expert hands of Paulo's team.

1 pair purchased = 1 day of school financed in Peru!

This is not a white sneaker.

It's a unique and ecological innovative material, it's a school day for a disadvantaged child, it's a manufacturing on demand for a reasoned consumption, it's a European local production, in Portugal, it's fair remuneration for experienced craftsmen. This is not a white sneaker, this is the future of fashion.

Unique and sacred

Inspired by the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Nieve is our white sneaker with a bright and refined design. It's the timeless sneakers that accompanies you everywhere: in your wild dances, in your busy days, on snowy mountain trails. Its line of ancestral motifs brings a unique touch and creates a perfect harmony between sobriety and originality. It's the detail that makes the Nieve sacred and unique and gives it the power to take you to the heights.

Rice sneakers

The process is so simple and yet high impact. The food industry gets rid of thousands of tons of small brown envelopes that surround the grain of rice every year. Our partner had the good idea to reuse these shells to integrate them into the composition of its soles. Result: a flexible and solid trainer, a positive impact for the planet.

Nieve Blanco - Baskets - Perus
White as snow

The Nieve has nothing to be ashamed of and its production is 100% transparent. It is handmade at the Caminhar factory in Portugal by our friend Paulo and his team of experienced craftsmen. This European manufacturing which allows us to limit the carbon footprint and guarantee the traceability of our products.

Top performance

Using an ancestral technique, our perforations, inspired by traditional Inca patterns, give a unique look to our sneakers. We have imagined them in their simplest form, devoid of any frills, keeping only the essentials: this line of sacred mountains, which will take you to the summit!

Nieve Esmeralda - Baskets - Perus
Nieve Blanco - Baskets - Perus
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The back of our sneakers is available in Rojo, Marino, Esmeralda and Blanco colors.

Shoe care

To limit stains, we recommend using a waterproofing agent . To extend the life of your sneakers, we recommend washing them with shampoo . And to give a boost of whiteness, sponge and Marseille soap or the magic white express product. We even wrote an article to explain all this here .

Pre-ordering, more responsible

because it makes it possible to produce the right number of parts in order to limit overproduction. This involves waiting a little before receiving your order. To thank you for your patience, we offer our products at advantageous prices at the time of the launches. Pre-ordering means getting a durable piece, made for you!

Our history

Perus was born in 2014 from a trip to South America and a desire to offer sustainable, ethical and committed fashion. We develop our products so that they accompany you everywhere and for a long time. For this, we select our materials with care, as do our partner craftsmen. Each of our employees is paid fairly and works in good conditions.

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Véronique Fournier
Jolies chaussures

Je ne les ai pas encore beaucoup portées. Je ne peux pas me prononcer sur leur confort.

Bonjour Véronique, merci d'avoir pris le temps de laisser ce gentil message. On est convaincus que cette paire va vous accompagner longtemps. Tenez nous au courant du confort :)
Hasta pronto,

Lourdes Azucena

Nieve Marino

Merci !