Opportunity to seize! 2 months Free Popup for a committed brand

Opportunité à saisir ! 2 mois Popup Gratuit pour une marque engagée

👉 You are a committed brand in any field (jewelry, candle, clothes...)

👉 Y ou share the values ​​of Perus

👉 You don't have a physical store yet

>> Apply for our offer: 2 months of free popup in our store in the heart of Paris!

Main info:

  • Promotion of your products in our shop for 2 months,
    from December 1 to January 31 .
  • Shop located at 83 rue de Turenne, in the heart of the marsh.
  • Consignment-sale format: you deposit the products with us and we sell them in our shop. You collect unsold items at the end of the period if there are any.
  • Financial aspect: we take 5% commission for transaction costs, that's all!

To apply :

  • Answer this short questionnaire (3min max) [Applications closed]
  • Applications open from 7.11 to 17.11 inclusive .

Application process:

  • Following the evaluation of the answers to the questionnaire, selection of the finalist brands on Monday November 21 by the Perus team.
  • The selected brands will have to make a video to post in Reels format on their instagram page on Tuesday, November 22.
  • The brand that has had the most interactions on its video will be selected.
  • Result Monday, November 28.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact alice@perus.co