Our uniquely designed suede trainers

basket en daim au design singulier

Ultra comfortable, with a unique design, eco-designed and locally manufactured, our Rio sneakers express both our strong identity created 8 years ago and the new page that we have been writing for a few years in the desire to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible. .

Inspired by the mysteries of ancient civilizations and geography, our Rio sneakers represent the river, the link between all these elements.
Julie Thissen our talented designer started from this universe to imagine this sneaker with a unique design.

Everyday sneakers that take you on a journey

Rio adapts to all situations thanks to its colors, its design, its material.
With Rio, we go from hot to cold, from altitude to flat, from sea to lake, from volcano to forest. It is this diversity that defines its uniqueness.

Original and reflective perforations

Its perforated hills bring relief and singularity to its design.
Cyclists, clubbers, its reflective patterns will make you shine. Impossible to miss you!

Eco-designed sole

The sole of the Rio is made of 50% recycled rubber and 50% natural rubber in order to reduce environmental impact.

Made in Portugal

The Rio is handcrafted at the Caminhar factory in Portugal by our friend Paulo and his team of experienced craftsmen. This European manufacturing allows us to limit the carbon footprint and guarantee the traceability of our products.
Learn more about our production in Portugal .

suede sneaker with a unique design

3 uniquely designed models

Inspired by the landscapes and micro-climates of Peru, we have developed 3 models that bring pep and originality to all your outfits, in all seasons.

suede sneaker with a unique design

And as always, 1 pair purchased = 1 day of school funded in Peru thanks to our social project .

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