Our tips for softening your leather sneakers

Nos astuces pour assouplir vos baskets en cuir

Buying a new pair of leather sneakers can be a little painful at first. To avoid this, here are our three best techniques for relaxing a pair of leather shoes!

Soften your sneakers with water vapor

The first technique consists of steaming your pair of leather sneakers . Hold your pair of shoes over a pot of boiling water for about thirty seconds. If the leather is soft and malleable, you can stop, otherwise start again until the leather softens. Be careful not to leave your shoes in the steam for more than three minutes to avoid damaging them! Once the leather has softened, all you have to do is put on a pair of thick socks and walk in your new pair of leather sneakers so that they adapt to your feet.

Soften your sneakers by putting them in the freezer

Fill plastic bags with water and slip them into your new pair of leather sneakers . Then place your shoes in a large bag to protect them from humidity and put them in the freezer for several hours or even overnight. Once exposed to cold, the leather will become looser and more malleable.

Soften your sneakers using a fabric softener spray

If the first two techniques haven't convinced you and you're worried about damaging your leather sneakers , you can simply buy a fabric softener spray or oil. You spray the spray or you massage the oil on the rigid areas and your shoes will be softened in the blink of an eye!

That's it, we've revealed all our secrets to you! Now that your sneakers are well softened, don't forget to take care of them:

- to waterproof them you can use our waterproofing agent

- for a little boost of freshness, you can wash them with our sneaker shampoo

- to restore their radiant whiteness, don't hesitate to bring our white express sneakers

We also explain to you here how to wash your white sneakers. Hasta pronto!

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