Solidarity sales at Perus

Les soldes solidaires chez Perus
We decided to be transparent with you about our decision to go on sale .
At Perus, as you know, we have chosen to offer the same price all year round because it is the only way to fairly compensate each person who has contributed to the product, from its manufacture to its delivery, and to make a donation to the association Los Chicos de Cusco for a strong social impact.
Today, the absurdity of the “Fast Fashion” sales lies in:
  • Inflating prices all year round to give the impression of low prices during sales
  • The production of lower quality and lower cost collections for the sole purpose of sale
  • The social cost: low production cost = low paid craftsmen
  • The environmental cost: the sales encourage the overconsumption of non-sustainable clothing, against the current climate issues.
We do not follow this logic as a brand whose credo is to do the next right thing every day.

Historically, the sales were used to empty its shelves to make room for future projects. It is in this logic that we are now offering solidarity sales .
At Perus, since our beginnings, we have operated by pre-order and we adjust with measured restocking to avoid over-consumption.
As we know, the sales period is a key moment in consumption.
Our objective with the solidarity sales is not to encourage overconsumption but to make ethical fashion more accessible and thus promote eco-responsible purchases to those of “Fast Fashion”.
It's the season for warm sweaters and we want to give you the opportunity to buy a 100% natural wool sweater , produced in an artisanal way and which allows to finance the school of a disadvantaged child, rather than buying a sweater from "Fast Fashion" with a very (very) negative social and environmental impact.

For every item purchased, one day of school is funded for an underprivileged child .
For each item purchased, craftsmen are fairly remunerated.
For each item purchased, you support ethical fashion, the search for natural materials, the fashion of tomorrow which must be that of today.