Our original leather sneakers are extra

baskets originales en cuir

In the Perus family, I would like… original leather sneakers !
Yes, but which one? It's hard to choose, they are all beautiful :)
Come on, we help you choose your Perus sneakers !

Unique sneakers!

Our sneakers are all unique, but they also have a lot in common:

  • They are all made in Portugal by expert hands
  • They love the city as much as the great outdoors
  • Their leather complies with the REACH standard in order to limit their impact on the environment.
  • As soon as a pair of original leather sneakers is purchased, a school day is funded for a disadvantaged child
  • And… they are all as stylish as each other :)

Stylish sneakers

Our original leather sneakers

First name: VALLUNA 
Name : Perus
Personality trait : Versatile
Its particularity : it is reflective at night!
What she likes : cycling, going out as much as chilling

Our original leather sneakers

First name: ALTIPLANO
Name: Perus
Personality trait : optimistic
Its particularity: its platform sole and its colored band from Peru
What she likes: travel, colors, dancing and having fun

Our original leather sneakers

First name: NAZCA
Name : Perus 
Personality trait : dynamic
Its particularity: its running look and its patterned embossing
What she likes: running, discovering

Our original leather sneakers

First name: NIEVE
Name: Perus
Personality trait : urban
Its particularity: its sleek design, its rice shell sole
What she likes: simplicity, sobriety

A production in Portugal for quality sneakers

We are proud to offer you original leather sneakers made in Fafe, Portugal. In addition to their impeccable quality, our original leather sneakers have a minimal carbon footprint since they are made in Europe. We want to respect the environment and minimize our ecological impact, which is why we have chosen to have our sneakers manufactured in Europe rather than importing products from far away. On top of that, Portugal is world renowned for its know-how and the quality of its shoes. By choosing our sneakers, you support local industry and help preserve quality craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy our original REACH-certified, carefully crafted leather trainers as much as we do.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. We know choosing the right pair can be difficult, that's why we have dedicated customer service to answer all your questions. Whether you're looking for advice on sizing, information on our manufacturing process, or just advice on matching your sneakers to other clothes, we're here to help!