The benefits of responsible fashion for the consumer

Les avantages de la mode responsable pour le consommateur

Responsible fashion has many benefits for consumers, here are a few:

In the long run, responsible fashion saves you money

Buying ethical clothing means investing in quality products. Certainly the prices are higher but I promise your clothes will last much longer. At Perus, we favor noble and natural materials that have proven their worth. This is the case with our Baby Alpaca wool sweaters : the lifespan of this material is 20 years! Your sweater has many good years ahead of it. No need to repurchase every year. In addition, responsible fashion favors timeless and timeless clothing, there is no longer any need to follow ephemeral trends which follow one another at a frantic pace. All you have to do is bring out your clothes every year and get creative to bring them up to date

Buying responsibly means choosing respect as a fundamental value

By choosing responsible fashion brands , rest easy: the people involved in the manufacturing process of your clothes work in good conditions and are fairly remunerated. This is why at Perus, we have chosen to produce mainly in Portugal because respect for workers is a value that is particularly close to our hearts.
The goal of responsible fashion is to respect not only those who produce our clothes but also those who wear them, which is why we emphasize the use of materials that respect health and the skin. We seek to reduce your exposure to the irritating chemicals found in many of the garments that are sold to you at low prices every day. By opting for quality textiles like our linen pants , you preserve the health of your skin and reduce the risk of allergies or irritation.

Responsible fashion as a way to stand out

Responsible fashion allows you to stand out with a unique style: it encourages individuality and creativity. You will have the opportunity to express your personality and develop a sense of style that is uniquely yours. Take for example our Inca-patterned shoes like the Altiplano : unlike the models produced by the millions by fash-fashion brands, you won't see this kind of design on every street corner. Buying responsibly means finding clothes that are out of the ordinary and that allow you to distinguish yourself and thus affirm a unique style.

It is therefore time to rethink the way fashion is consumed and to opt for choices that are beneficial for oneself, for others and for the environment.

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