Soft alpaca stuffed animals fallen from the sky

Des peluches alpaga toutes douces tombées du ciel

And suddenly an alpaca stuffed animal was

Once upon a time… Alpacas that landed in our Parisian boutique at 83 rue de Turenne.

It was a calm, peaceful day. We could see as usual people chatting sitting on the terrace of the brasserie opposite. As the team was about to go to lunch, a small alpaca head appeared at the entrance of the shop. First surprised, then amused, we decided to meet this little being. What a surprise ! There was not just one alpaca stuffed animal , but a hundred! Of all sizes and more: small, medium or large, the alpaca soft toy that presented itself to us had nothing to envy to the dogs, cats or other stylish animals that passed in front of the shop every day.

We had no desire to have to pay a fine for crowding on the public highway so we made the decision to bring all these alpaca stuffed animals into the shop! Some are now stored in the basement, while others prefer to see daylight in the store.

Legend has it that a revolt of stuffed animals stored downstairs is preparing...

The stylish gift

Who wouldn't want to be accompanied by such a stylish fur alpaca soft toy ? It's the perfect gift that will bring joy and relaxation, even in the most stressful situations. Just imagine walking down the street with this furry ball by your side and seeing everyone turn around to admire your fluffy companion. By purchasing it, you are also supporting local partners in Peru and helping to positively impact communities. If you want to add a touch of cuteness and good humor to your life, our alpaca plush toy is the responsible gift for you.

The responsible gift

For 8 years now, we have been supporting underprivileged children in Cusco, Peru: a school day is funded for each item purchased thanks to our partnership with the association Los Chicos de Cusco. Every child deserves a quality education. This donation represents more than 30% of our profits, which demonstrates our commitment to this cause.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing process or if you are just looking for advice on how to interact with your alpaca plush , we are here to help you! So, are you ready to go on an adventure with your alpaca plush? Do not hesitate to adopt a plush, they are waiting for that!

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