How to wash your white sneakers

laver ses baskets blanches

Today, we explain how to maintain your white sneakers !

You can also find the video explanation here .

how to wash your white sneakers

Because we know that white sneakers never stay white!

We took the Nieve as a model because it was the perfect example. And these, as you can see, are particularly dirty.

wash your white sneakers

To clean all this, we used cleaning products which are also on our site and which are perfect for washing your white sneakers .

Wash your white sneakers with shampoo

how to wash your white sneakers

In the first step, you have to remove the laces and let them rest in water with vinegar. While it's soaking, we come to take the shampoo and we rub everywhere! Once it's done, just rub with a cloth and a little water and let it dry for a while.

Whiten your white sneakers with White Express

wash your white sneakers

For the second step, we will use the Sneakers White Express which will restore the white color to your shoe. And we apply it again everywhere. This is the most satisfying part because it whitens white sneakers well :)

Waterproofing your white sneakers with waterproofing agent

how to wash your white sneakers

Finally, for the third and last step, we will use the anti-stain waterproofing agent which protects against water and stains and which can be applied to all leathers, suedes and textile materials.

And here is your basketball like new! Here is a before and after (the difference is obvious):

wash your white sneakers

We really recommend these maintenance products to clean your white sneakers .