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Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

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Composition : 1 kilos and 300 grams of 100% Royal Alpaca!

Titration : 2/28 nm.

Mesh : piece made with 6 threads! Gauge 5. Entirely woven by hand.

Origin: Handmade in Bolivia.

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Alpaca is an extremely breathable natural fiber. No need to wash it often! Hand-washing or cold washing program are recommended. We advise using soft shampoo or special wool products.

The Royal Alpaca, an exceptional wool

The first mowing of the life of an Alpaca is set aside. The fiber from this mowing is sorted and the finest fibers will be subjected to 4 filtration processes to give the Royal Alpaca, while the other slightly thicker ones will be suject to only three of these processes and will give Baby Alpaca. The Royal represents only 1% of the world's production of Alpaca yarn!

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

Very dense weave

The artisans interweave 6 very fine threads - titration 2/28 - and weave them with a gauge of 5. The result is very dense for a warm and structured sweater that keeps its shape.

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

Artisanal craftmanship

Our knits are made by skilled craftsmen in La Paz, Bolivia. They are paid 2 to 3 times the Bolivian minimum wage and work 44 hours a week, the legal limit in Bolivia.

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

Social project

We are collaborating with the NGO Warita who is supporting various projects relative to education in the suburb of La Paz. They build biological greehouses in schools to sensitize the children to organic farming and diversify their diet, create theater group and purchase school supplies. It represents 15% of our benefits.
Shawl Collar Cardigan - Grey - Man

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