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Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús

Alpaca Toy Caramel


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Fall in love with the fluffiness of our Alpaca Toys 😍

PACK 3 ALPACAS : 89€  (discount at checkout)

- Fairtrade & Handmade by local artisans from Peru : each toy is unique !
- Composition : 100% Baby Alpaga Wool
- Cruelty-Free Alpaca Product
- Hypo-Allergenic
- No chemicals & eco-friendly
- 18 cm tall
- Available in 5 different shades

    The perfect gift for Alpaca lovers ! Isn't it the cutest animal ?

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    Alpaca is an extremely breathable natural fiber. You don't need to wash it often! We recommend washing it by hand in cold water with soft washing liquid or special wool products.


    The Alpaca lives in the Highlands of the Andes at around 4 000 meters high where strong winds blow and temperatures go below -20° Celsius ! Its secret to resist is its warm and soft wool ! The breeding of Alpaca is very extensive : it can be seen wandering around in the big spaces of the Andes. The patterns are actually inspired from their surrounding landscapes !

    Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús

    Baby Alpaca wool

    The first shearing of the life of the Alpaca offer its best wool called Baby Alpaca. It is 10% thinner than regular Alpaca : about 22 microns versus 25.

    Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús


    Alpaca’s wool exist in many different natural colors which allow to get subtle and deep tints.

    Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús

    Artisanal fabrication

    These alpaga toys are made by hand in Peru !

    Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús

    Social project

    We are in collaboration with the NGO Los Chicos de Cusco that supports four schools in poor villages around Cusco. For each pair of sneakers we sell, we donate one euro. This represents the cost to send one pupil to school for a day, including the teacher's salary, school supplies and their uniform. It represents more than 20% of our benefits.

    Alpaca Toy Caramel - Perús

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